The internet has changed how the world has access to information. Consumers have information literally in the palm of their hand through smartphones. Add the burst of social networks and the connectivity of one source can reach thousands with just a touch of a screen.

As an artist, Yolanda Gunter, Owner of both YEM Promotions and Gunter Graphics, found herself realizing her own need for a strong internet presence where consumers could easily access information about her, her products and upcoming projects. “I started like everybody else, on Myspace, then quickly saw how connecting to the world by way of a collection of information in one space, like a website, saved consumers time in getting information about my brand,” says Yolanda. “Today’s technology disseminates the same info across social networks with one click. You have to think like the consumer. They like it to look trustworthy like the corporate giants, they like it easy to get to and then easy to share. My company is built on that perspective.”

Gunter Graphics is the branched off web development and graphic design services of YEM Promotions. After five (5) years of continued customer growth, Yolanda separated the services so YEM can focus mainly on promotions and marketing as the company’s name implies.

YEM Promotions continues being a leading event coordination, social network marketing, artist development and nonprofit management consultant services provider.